Discover the Secret Exercise System That Will Double Your Fat Loss Results and Eliminate Long, Slow, Boring Cardio From Your Workouts By Using The At Home Fit Yummy Mummy "Intervals For Busy Moms" Video Kit

Here's your opportunity to have me personally coach you through the most effective
interval training workouts ever created specifically for moms in the comfort of your
own home, leading you step-by-step through each workout in REAL TIME... no matter
where you live!

Dear Mom,

For the first time ever, you can now get follow-along-at-home Fit Yummy Mummy Interval Training Workout Videos!

That’s right, you finally have the chance to do interval training workouts with me, Holly Rigsby, right there with you every jump, hop and step of the way …. TOGETHER!

The Intervals for Busy Moms Video Kit designed specifically for busy moms that takes every bit of guess work out of “doing cardio”!

This is a comprehensive Kit that includes follow along Interval Training Workout Videos with pre-programmed soundtracks that have My Voice coaching you along every step of the way with strategically placed countdowns, updates and encouragement so you literally take the thinking out of “Doing Cardio” and focus your energy on the fat burning Intensity needed for metabolism boosting, fat melting, body shaping results….all in just 15 minutes….and all from the comfort of your own home with a unique mix of body weight movements.

Just imagine how much easier it will be for you to complete your Interval Training Workouts each week knowing you don’t have to…. stress over finding ideas of what to do, search for the right music to match, strain to watch the clock or listen for a timer…and most importantly you no longer have to muster up the motivation to push through another intense intervals session.

So what do you get with the  Fit Yummy Mummy
“Intervals for Busy Moms” Kit?

The newest Get Your Body Back resource has four brand new downloadable interval training soundtracks, along with four full 15 minute fat burning Interval Training Workout Videos to follow, in addition to an Intervals Training Video Library packed with unique body weight moves you can choose to change up your Intervals workout with ease.

Finally, an Interval Training Solution made just for moms that promises to remove all confusion!

That’s Right!  You no longer have to feel stuck or unsure of what movements to use or how to put them together for an effective, fat burning Interval Training Workout!

All you have to do is follow along and get the MAXIMUM fat burning effects from your Interval Training sessions in just 15 minutes  – all in the comfort of your own home!

PLUS I have also created a Step by Step Interval Training Success Guide that is jam packed with everything you need to know about creating and following your fat burning Interval workouts – from how to get started, how to know if you are doing your intervals correctly for the best possible results. Complete with exercise modifications, suggestions for cool downs and dozens of sample programs and templates providing you with Hundreds of possible Interval Training workouts so you Never get bored and you Never hit a plateau! No special equipment required! Just a way to watch your Intervals Videos and listen to one of your 4 your Interval Training Soundtracks!


Try before you Buy!

Press PLAY on this Video to See Intervals for Busy Moms in action!

Watch as I guide you through the first few rounds of your intervals workout and listen to the soundtrack to get a feel for the eclectic mix of musical genres and interval protocols. Music is powered by Workout Muse with My Voice coaching you through each step of your 15 minute, fat burning, Interval Training Session.


The Complete Intervals Training Kit for Busy Moms Includes:
4 Full Follow Along Interval Training Workout Videos

30-30, 60-60, 60-30 and 45-15
Each Interval Session takes you through a full 15 minute workout
4 Downloadable Interval Training Soundtracks

30-30, 60-60, 60-30 and 45-15
New length, new protocols, new music, custom tracks with my voice. Created by Workout Muse
Intervals Exercise “Learn It” Video Library

Never again be BORED  – Take Complete Control over Creating your Own Personalized Fat Burning Intervals Workouts.

Access an Intervals Video Library filled with over 30 moves that range from beginner to advanced – body weight to equipment based – options for work “on” and options for active rest “off” – the combinations you have for your Interval Workouts are literally endless!

Intervals Success Guide

This downloadable Guide is filled with step by step instructions on how to get started, when to schedule and how to design your own Interval Training Workouts.  Includes Intervals Workout Design Templates, Dozens of Intervals Workout Samples, Suggestions for Modifications, Cool Downs and FAQs.

YES! I want to instantly access the FYM Intervals for Busy Moms Kit. I understand that I will get instant access to 4 follow along Interval Training Workout Videos, Intervals Library Video, A Downloadable Success Guide and 4 Brand New, Custom Intervals Soundtracks (30-30, 60-60, 60-30 and 45-15 – Listened to samples of each in the Try Before You Buy Video above) with Holly coaching me through every step of these high powered interval training sessions. I understand that I am getting a great deal and this package is worth well over $80 so I am saving at least $20 by placing my order today.

Are you ready to take your Interval Training Workouts to a New Fat Burning Level with Follow Along Videos and Soundtracks?

Awesome! You get free instant access to your Intervals for Moms Video Kit complete with downloadable success guide, MP3s and videos with your purchase of the Fit Yummy Mummy Workout Package!

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Your Friend and Fit Yummy Mummy Coach,


Holly Rigsby, CPT, MAT, KBA
Author, Fit Yummy Mummy